Moritz Petersen | Photography

Hiking in the Pyrenees

In the mountains snow, rain and sunshine are common even on the same day. When hiking in the Pyrenees you have to be prepared for every weather condition, even in summer. This series is from the area around the Pico Posets, the second highest peak of the Pyrenees.

We parked our car on a car park near Benasque and started to ascend into the mountains. It was raining quite a bit, so the ground was a bit muddy and the sky was grey. In the coming days we climbed higher and higher on our tour around the Pico Posets. During the hike, the weather changed from cold and windy, to dense snow storms and heavy rain to beautiful sunshine in the end.

Overall, the GR11 and the branch GR11.2 were a hiking trail with breathtaking views, incredible landscape and a bit challenging weather conditions. People we met on the route were fantastic and super friendly. It was an unforgettable trip.